Monthly Archives: April 2013

St. Francis Fans Patti Smith and the Pope Meet

Patti Smith shook hands with Pope Francis at a general audience in St Peter’s Square on April 10. She said afterwards she found him  “very interesting” and “liked him a lot.” Smith said the pope had shown courage in naming himself after St Francis of Assisi. The singer said the saint represented humility, the renunciation of materialism and a love of nature. (News Item) Continue Reading

The Beatles Book and A World Without Love

The consensus is that the Sixties began when JFK was assassinated, which means this fall we’re in for the beginning of about seven years of “50-year anniversaries” of everything Sixties. When it came to the Beatles, I thought I’d just get right to it, so I recently read “The Beatles,” the epic 2006 bio by… Continue Reading