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Eric Burdon Holds His Head Up High

In the early days of the British invasion, I was into the Animals almost as much as the Stones. For one thing, the song that really put their name out there couldn’t have been stronger; “House of the Rising Sun” was unlike anything else up to that point in time: an old folk tune that rocked.  Bob Dylan got so excited when he first heard it he has said he jumped out of his car seat.
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Fans Bonded When Rolling Stones Banned Smartphones at Club Gig

The lack of personal recording devices made the Stones’ performance feel even more exclusive and old school, freeing concertgoers’ hands of the gizmos that have become commonplace at concerts nowadays and further bonding the crowd, many of whom built up camaraderie during the confusing ticket lottery earlier in the day.”   (“The Rolling Stones  play small… Continue Reading