Fans Bonded When Rolling Stones Banned Smartphones at Club Gig

The lack of personal recording devices made the Stones’ performance feel even more exclusive and old school, freeing concertgoers’ hands of the gizmos that have become commonplace at concerts nowadays and further bonding the crowd, many of whom built up camaraderie during the confusing ticket lottery earlier in the day.”   (“The Rolling Stones  play small… Continue Reading

St. Francis Fans Patti Smith and the Pope Meet

Patti Smith shook hands with Pope Francis at a general audience in St Peter’s Square on April 10. She said afterwards she found him  “very interesting” and “liked him a lot.” Smith said the pope had shown courage in naming himself after St Francis of Assisi. The singer said the saint represented humility, the renunciation… Continue Reading

The Beatles Book and A World Without Love

The consensus is that the Sixties began when JFK was assassinated, which means this fall we’re in for the beginning of about seven years of “50-year anniversaries” of everything Sixties. When it came to the Beatles, I thought I’d just get right to it, so I recently read “The Beatles,” the epic 2006 bio by… Continue Reading

Mary Gauthier: To the Songwriter, All That Exists Is the Song

In 2010 I came across Faceculture, a website from Amsterdam that explores the indie music scene. I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked the onscreen video.    An American woman with a slight drawl spoke about songwriting while sitting after hours in a European nightspot.  I didn’t recognize her, didn’t know her name. … Continue Reading