In the Moment (1986 / 1996)

Here are a couple of tunes from the mid-90s recorded in a cavernous mechanic’s garage plus a third  one at my kitchen table 10 years earlier.  To me, what connects them is that I feel they represent me  “in the moment,” stretching out beyond the usual borders, which is where any artist should always strive to be.

Street Fair Theme (Cogley/Brown/Robinson)

I was pushed to play my heart out on guitar here drawing on the energy of Robbie Robinson’s phenomenal drumming performance. Juan Browne was on bass. This video is an excerpt from  a 45-minute documentary video called “Pink Cloud Black Cloud” that I made in 2007 (and that has been on Youtube ever since.).

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out (Cox)

A cover of the bootleg era tune made famous by Bessie Smith. I sing and play the second lead guitar; Dan Piro on first lead, Juan,on bass, Robbie on drums with a congas assist by George Jester..

Prairie of Gold (Cogley)

In the mid-1980s I played open mic from time to time in San Francisco. This led to a burst of songwriting. One evening I turned on my two-track cassette recorder and played four new songs. Converting this cassette to digital, I was surprised to find how they foreshadowed  the Americana sound I aim for in my songwriting today. “Prairie of Gold” was finally recorded with a band at the first American Hill session over 20 years later.