Jupiter (2009)

When I moved to New York I put away my music temporarily. But the idea of “temporarily” stretched on and on. One day a couple of years later I opened my guitar case, changed the strings, and strummed for a bit. Out came a tune I never heard before. I quickly scribbled down the words before they faded away. That year I would write many songs. I made demos of a few and named the song collection “Jupiter.” The word and concept of “Jupiter” was inspired from C S Lewis, who often referred to Jupiter in his science fiction novels. I sent my demos to Rick Kirkparick, a musician friend in Nevada City. The next time I visited Nevada City, we began a project of recording the Jupiter songs.

If There Were Dreams To Sell (Beddoes/Cogley)

In my old song notebook I copied down a few poems from books. One of them was “If There Were Dreams To Sell,” by Thomas Lovell Beddoes. I decided to put this 19th century poem to music. After Rick and I recorded it, I Googled the poem. Sure enough, it had been put to music long ago. The composer John Ireland beat me by 90 years and various performances of his version are  on Youtube. In my video I matched the lyrics with imagery of a famous favela in Rio. I figure that a a  “cottage lone and still” would still  top the wish-list of countless people in this or any other era.

Fairy Tale World (Cogley)

“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C S Lewis was a favorite book when I was a kid. A lifetime later, I reread it and the rest of the Narnia series of books on my subway commutes in New York. I became curious to find out if a song could achieve a myth-like vibe. So I began a songwriting experiment beginning with “Fairy Tale World” writing myth-like tunes. I wish we had completed this unfinished recording, but we moved on to a couple of other songs that day and never got back to it.

On the Morning of the Day (Cogley)

This tune closed out the Jupiter song period for me. It came quickly. I wrote it and made this solo demo all on the same day.  It represented an obvious change in direction for me, one that I consider to be a breakthrough: from then on I would feel most comfortable writing relationship songs.