LikeNever Before EP (2015)

In 2015 I put together a home studio with a couple of mics, cables, and a Focusrite unit. Now I was set to record basic tracks for some of the tunes I’d written since the American Hill album. When I came across Lewin Barringer’s Youtube channel I had a hunch he would be a good collaborator for me. Lewin is a multi-talented musician and recording engineer. And he liked my songs. One by one, we worked together and produced five new tunes. I call the collection “Like Never Before,” which is a line from the lyrics. Here are three of them.

The Guest (Cogley)

I began writing “The Guest” soon after the American Hill album. It’s a tune that took many unexpected turns, from narrowing down the words and music to working with Lewin on the arrangement. Lewin said I would eventually grow fond of his piano solo and he was right. The video was made entirely from photos and video clips I took while on a trip to visit my son in Taiwan in 2006

Nothing Comes Easy (Cogley)

Reworked from a tune I originally wrote in 2008, the year my passion for songwriting was rekindled and I wrote more songs than in any other time before or since. For this reworked version, I threw out 80% of the original and kept only what I really liked. This process showed me that any abandoned effort might have worthy material within it.

Please Hurt Me (Cogley)

This is one tune that came to me pretty much fully formed: words, chords, melody, even the guitar solo refrain all fell into place soon after I began writing it. I suppose once in a great while I can hope for a “freebie tune,” and this was one of those.