Solo EP (2014)

In 2014, I took  music lessons from New York jazz guitarist, Joe Giglio. Joe’s influence strengthened my musicianship and self-assurance. After a few lessons I made solo recordings of my tunes. I found that making performance recordings helps me solidify my approach to playing live on account of my tendency is to play a song a bit differently each time. Here are three of them.

This Hometown I Knew

I wrote this song in New York in 2008, when I was taking up songwriting in earnest. The lyrics reflect my conflicts about moving away from my small hometown for the big city.  The iMovie video features some old postcard images of Nevada City. Much of the town looks the same today as it did back in the early 1900s.

Small Flame

“Small Flame” was written expressly for the first American Hill session. I wanted to write something in the spirit of Chuck Berry for the band to play. The American Hill version has a great sound. Here is my attempt to find a quieter side to the tune.


I struggled to write this tune about a couple and their spiritual showdown. I played it for Joe while I was still working out the tune. He suggested I add a second refrain and I took his advice. This stark version was quickly recorded. The song was done.