The Ramprats (1994)

In the early 1990s, I played mostly blues music at the open-mics in Nevada City and San Francisco. This led to my meeting up with some blues-loving musicians and playing regularly with them. Our bassist was an Air Force pilot and we rehearsed around his erratic schedule. One time he talked about “ramp rats,” the guys who load and unload military aircraft. Sounded like a good blues band name to me. I sang and played guitar, Dan Piro on guitar, Juan Browne on bass, and George Jester on drums.

Reconsider, Baby (Fulson)

We covered a favorite singer-songwriter of mine, Lowell Fulson, who blended both country and city blues in his style. I suppose this is the song he is most famous for. Also, seeing how my favorite movie actress is Barbara Stanwyck, I put our cover of “Reconsider Baby” with movie clips of hers for this video.

Make Love To Me (Brunies, etc)

CD box sets were a new thing in early 1990s and one of the best was BB King’s “King of the Blues.” It included an off-the cuff track of this tune accompanied by a lone piano. Later I found out it was a pop hit in the pre-rock era 1950s. I still sing it in my repertoire today.

How Long? (Carr)

In 1994 I bought a Tascam 424 four-track cassette recorder so that I could finally join the home recording revolution, which actually had kicked off in the 1970s. Here I play all the instruments and sing in my raspiest voice  Leroy Carr’s classic tune from 1928.