Uploaded (1994-5)

When I was a schoolboy I played flute in two marching bands. By high school I’d play my flute  with any local rock band whenever they’d let me on stage. (My favorite all-time flutist is Herbie Mann, by the way.) I still like riffing on my flute if given the opportunity. The Uploaded tunes are strictly flute instrumentals.

At the Polar Plunge (Cogley/Piro/Brown/Jester)

This short jam I’m naming “At the Polar Plunge” on account of that recently Aandra went to the 170th annual  New Year’s Polar Bear Plunge at Coney Island and I made a video of that event using this tune.  The video clips are from The Daily News’ online story–which includes Aandra’s bead twirling–and her iPhone video.

One Fine Day in New Haven (Cogley/Piro/Brown)

Another flute jam by the Ramprats. A few years back I made a family video of my son at Yale University and I used this tune for the soundtrack, so that’s where it got its name.

Adieu (Cogley/Piro/Brown/Robinson)

My original cassette tape mix of this tune has “Adieu”  as the title, and I believe that’s because this was recorded the last time the Ramprats played together.